Fiona Hamilton Adriana Festeu

Founder Directors



Fiona and Adriana started Opera Prelude together in 2010. They met at a concert, discovered their joint love of opera and interest in the professional development of early career singers. Fiona instigated the novel idea of hosting lecture recitals as a means of giving experience and fairly-paid employment opportunities for some of the country’s finest young singers in the transitional period between leaving Conservatoire and embarking on a professional career.

Adriana delivered numerous lecture-recitals over the years in parallel with developing her performing as well as academic career. She has gained a PhD from the Royal Academy of Music, where she now does academic work in addition to being Senior Lecturer at Leeds College of Music. Opera Prelude became a registered charity in 2014. Fiona and Adriana continue to oversee the strategic and artistic direction inline with our charity’s constitution.