Natalie Burch
Fiona Curtin
Dr Adriana Festeu
Fiona Hamilton
Sarah Hyman


Dr Anna Beer
Susan Bullock
Dame Anne Evans
Yvonne Howard
Della Jones
Janis Kelly
Dr Natalia Murray
Roderick Williams

Lee Sprague
(Operations Director)

Fiona Hely

Maria Levandovskaya
(Russian Programming)

Charles Lewis
(Marketing Director)

Orsi Torjak
(Events Manager)

Amanda Sadler
(Programming and Audience Development)

Alex Haigh
(Outreach Director)

Anna Sofia Churchill
(Box Office Manager)

Jessie Tse
(Asian Programming)


Advisory Board

We are grateful to these passionate individuals for the advice and support they share to make Opera Prelude what it is:

Caroline Blunden
Stella Cairns
Linda Caller
Sarah Crabtree
Della Jones
Don Peduzzi

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